Paper & Paper Boards

The current paper consumption across the world is 520 million tons. This is expected to grow at the rate of approx. 2% year on year to about 450 million tons in 2020.

It is projected that the Indian paper demand would rise to around 20 million tons by 2020. The industry is classified into three segments: Wood & Bamboo (40%); Bagasse & Agri – Residues (30%) and Waste paper (30%). India is the only country using so many varieties of fibers in paper manufacturing.

The global demand for sustainable paper is set to increase steadily over the next five years. Currently the global demand for 'green' paper is estimated to be around 17.8 million tons. This is set to grow at a CAGR of 8.6 % to reach 34.8 million tons by 2018.

Our focus has been to promote trade of FSC certified paper. We encourage business that promotes paper and paper boards manufactured using Un-conventional raw materials like – Bagasse, Wheat Straw and other recycled fibers, with an objective to promote environment friendly initiatives.

Poly Coated Cup Stock News print – Standard /Bulky in 45 & 48.8 gsm
Hi Bright Writing & Printing Papers (Recycled Fibers) Kraft Liner/Test Liner/White Top Liner (Recycled & Virgin)
W/F Writing Paper MG Cover Paper
W/F Printing Paper (FSC Certified) Art Paper (C1S & C2S)
Copy Paper Security Papers – Cheque Paper, Special Papers
Tissue Papers – Facial/Toilet/Napkin – in Jumbo Rolls Wide Range of Coloured and Fancy Papers – Manufactured from Deep Dyed Fibers Confirming to EN 76 Standards.
Colour Bank Paper    
Paper Boards
Art Board – Both Sides Coated Boards Packaging Boards
MF File Board (Recycled Fibers) Duplex and Triplex Boards – Both White and Grey Back
Coloured Manila Board – MG FBB & SBS Boards
Fluorescent Boards Bristol Boards – White and Colour
Drawing Sheets – Machine Finished    
Fibrous raw materials for the Paper Industry
Soft Wood Pulp – Pine/Spruce/Cedar/Fir/Larch/Hemlock
Hard Wood Pulp–Ash/Aspen/Birch/Cherry/ELM/Hazl/Mahogany/Maple/Oak/Teak
Wood Chips – Eucalyptus/Casuarina/Acacia/Ceiba/ChenChen
High Value Specialties Cellulose Fibers
Fluff Pulp
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