Infrastructure & Logistics

Infrastructure and logistics is a critical enabler for economic development of any region. Sustained ability for movement of goods is the genesis of competitive advantage in the global economy. Early comprehension of this basic requirement as a tool to socio-economic development propelled us to endeavor and make successful in roads in this sphere of business domain.

We, at GV have focused efforts oncreating infrastructure with a keen eye to synergize it with inherent requirement of our other business domains for a sustained and inclusive growth.

We have strategically located terminals with various tank size configurations, that are metallurgic-ally varied, for storing ABC class of products which include specialized ones that require heating, refrigeration, corrosion resistant's etc. We have State of the Art Logistics parks across the globe with a storage capacity exceeding half a million kl.

We operate under our exclusive management Tank Terminals, Logistics Park and Dry warehouse in UAE / INDIA / EUROPE and CHINA with specific thrust on major port cities of the world..

Development of SEZ in western state of India is awarded to us and is under implementation stage with foreign equity participation. This SEZ is designed for specific use of bio-tech…

Logistics Park

Logistics park in Hamriyah, UAE is designed to be commissioned in two phases with Phase I at advance stage of completion.
Phase I Phase II
Phase I of the project aims at handling Chemicals / Petrochemicals / Base Oil / Bitumen / Vegetable Oil / Gases / Liquefied Gases / Ethanol / Bio Fuels / Edible… Phase II of the project shall handle Cryogenic tanks / Spheres.
Salient Features:
Tank Terminal of about 200,000 kl capacity in Phase I at Hamriyah Free Zone, UAE
State of the art liquid storage tanks designed to API 650 and NFPA 30 standards
Capability to store and handleA/B/C class of products
Distillation is a separation process by which a mixture of chemicals is separated into individual components base upon their boiling point values.

GV is setting up a state-of-art multiproduct distillation facility at Hamariyah, UAE, with a name plate capacity of 300MTpd. The facility is within the envisaged liquid storage terminal and will provide manufacturing flexibility to the storage campus. The facility will enable distillation at a larger temperature range and at a varied pressure gradient across the columns.
The distillation facility is slated to come with hydrogenation in Phase II in order to process high sulfur content feeds and, in conjunction with distillation set-up, will render GV a large window of pure and refined products to offer in increasingly discerning markets.
The proposed distillation set up will also be able to absorb mixture feeds with closely boiling components and their effective separation into quality products.
Distillation / Hydrogenation / Fractionation will be the first of its kind facilities in this region.
Dry Storage
Bulk Storage
Fleet of vessels of different dead weight/class and age to trade in any hemisphere, under exclusive management.   Own and long term leased dry storage facilities across the globe including Indian subcontinent / Middle East / Europe / Singapore etc.   Bulk storage facilities across the globe with own and lease terminals including Indian subcontinent / Middle East / Europe / Singapore / China etc.
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