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Our Products: Marketing Manager - sales Lead Management Software

MARKETING MANAGER is the most comprehensive software solution which helps in handling the various processes of marketing and sales.

A sale starts with an opportunity which is in fact the result of extensive groundwork. A well-managed opportunity always is a very good prospect for sale. MARKETING MANAGER helps in managing all the opportunities in an organized and systematic manner. MARKETING MANAGER maps the opportunities directly to the products and their related activities in real time.

The opportunities are mapped to the marketing team members, who are assigned further to put in their various efforts to win the opportunity. The various tasks like telephonic calls, product demonstrations, sending of mailers, sending of quotations are all tracked according to their incidence. One of the most striking added feature is that MARKETING MANAGER also manages all the outgoing letters enabling the marketing team to keep track of all the document that have been generated.

MARKETING MANAGER acts as a centralized controlling tool which delegates and alerts the marketing team about the various activities which have to be done. MARKETING MANAGER manages and acts as a Activity Scheduler. Every activity schedule is displayed when the marketing and sales team member log's in. 

Every groundwork and activity which the team has done receives a proper overseeing by the MARKETING MANAGER due to which our product helps you and your team in reaching the final target of a WINNING SALE….Always…..

  • Gathers Information for each Sales Lead
    Facilitates to track information like Name of Prospect, Source, Business Associate (If any), and name of Lead Manager, Product/s to be sold, quantity and expected sales value for each lead.
  • Ranking Sales Leads
    Facilitates to provide rank to leads as Hot, Warm or Cold  Product wise as well as Price wise and updates as per progress towards closing the lead.
  • Accumulates Views for Sales Pipeline
    • Leads Not Closed, Won, Lost.
    • Leads ranked as Hot, Warm or Cold for the acceptance of product features / quality.
    • Leads ranked as Hot, Warm or Cold on price front of the product.
    • Leads related to a particular City, Prospect Category, Source of Approach, Product, Product Category, Product Manager, and Sales Lead Manager etc.
    • Leads created as well as expected to close between specific dates.


Facilities to create advance queries on the basis of various permutations and combinations of above criteria and also to save them to view in future
  • Accurate & Effective Real Time Tracking of Activities / Follows Ups
    • Facilitates to define “n” number of activities required in your sales cycle.
    • Keep track of Closed and Not Closed activities.
    • Facilitates to view Activities/ Follow ups done Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days or for a specific period.
    • Facilitates to view Activities/Follow ups to be done for Today, Tomorrow, Next 7days, and Next 30 days or for a specific period.
    • Missed activities follow ups (Not done when due)
    • Activities/follow ups done or to be done related to a particular Product, Product Category, Prospect, City , Contact category, Source of Approach , Executive, Product Manager etc.
  • MIS Reports:
    • Won Sales for the defined period: By Product, By Product Category, By Executive, By Source of Approach etc.
    • Lost Sales for the defined period: By Product, By Product Category, By Executive, By Source of Approach etc.
    • Activities Done for the defined period By Product, By Executive, By Prospect.
    • Expected Closing of Sales leads for the defined period By Product, By Executive, By Source of Approach
  • Prompt for Follow Ups
    Prompts you for today's follow ups when it starts. It also reminds you again and again as per time set for follow up.
  • Automates Letter Preparation with MS Word
    Automatically inserts a Ref No., Picks up Recipient Address, name of Contact Person from contact database and gets the body from the template library. Minor editing is all that is required to finalize the letter.
  • Quick Retrieval of Letters & Templates
    Facilitates to retrieve letters faster and provides multiple options like By Sales lead, By Prospect, By Subject, By City etc.
  • Template Management
    Organizes your marketing templates / formats at a centralized location and make access easier.
  • Simplified Mail Merge and Email Merge with MS Word
    Automates linking of prospect database and make easier to choose one template.
  • Suspect/Prospect Data Management
    Organizes contact with all relevant information and helps you to view prospects/suspects by multiple option like Category, City, State, Country etc.
  • User Access Rights
    Provides dual level of security, by allowing user to log on with their password. Also restricts access to add, edit and view leads, activities etc.
  • Organize leads and streamline follow up
  • Maximize your sales efforts
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Gain control of your sales team
  • Increase sales
  • Drive Profitability
Traditional Lead Tracking
  • Manual Excel / Word reports
  • Random lead distribution
  • Point-to-point processes isolated within functional boundaries
  • Unpredictable sales pipe line lacks monitoring sales activities 
  • Leading to wasted efforts and money
Marketing Manager
  • Real time lead status update
  • Intelligent lead assignment
  • Cross functional collaborative sales activities
  • Query based MIS reporting
  • Consistent & measured sales success
  • Perfect monitoring right from lead generation to sales closure

  • Ensures that prospects are followed-up at the desired time
  • Tracks lead history & details about action / interaction efficiently
  • Classifies leads as hot / warm / cold-product wise as well price wise
  • Provides hundreds of queries and reports for won / lost opportunities
  • Helps to evaluate the effectiveness of sales leads
  • Organize information about suspects & prospects

The function of a genius is not to give new answers, but to sensaqe questions that exist, address new questions that arise and then provide solutions that best resolve it. This is exactly what we at Hazel Mercantile Ltd. believe and indulge in. A multifaceted organization based in Mumbai, INDIA. We have a passion for technology. For us, creative thinking stands for simply the realization that there is no particular virtue in doing things the way they have always been done. This gives us the required scope and encouragement to innovate. One such result of our innovation is Marketing Manager - Sales Lead Management Solutions.

At Hazel, keeping abreast with the developments in the IT field, we commit ourselves to the best service and after sales support, with constant upgradation of our products.

Minimum System Requirement:
Hardware - Pentium with 256 MB RAM. Software - Windows 98, Windows XP, Microsoft® Office 97.   
Networking Support - Windows NT and Win 2000

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